Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not So Great Expectations

The diet culture in America has so many myths and lies, it's nearly impossible to navigate.  The one I believe is the most damaging -- the idea that if we just diet and exercise, we can all look like Kate Beckinsdale. Or for the guys, if you lift enough, you can be ripped like Gerard Butler in the movie 300.  And if you don't look like that, then you are not trying hard enough.

Surprise, these not so great expectations are often make your diet efforts stall. Or reverse. We need to understand that our bodies are all different. Not just metabolism and whatnot. But our healthy and ideal selves. Some body types will always be hippy. Some will be sticks with no curves no matter what.  And that's okay. Be healthy. Get your body into a place where it functions well. Where you burn fuel efficiently and have good fitness.

So stop expecting what will never be and look forward to what you have ahead as a healthier person. And then love whatever that looks like. Even if you've can't get that 6 pack. Or that flat tummy after the 2 kids.

I challenge you to have the courage to start. Even if you've failed a hundred times before. Approach it differently, with no goal of supermodeldom. You can succeed and finish being fat, find a healthier lifestyle, and still not be a barbie clone. I promise.

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